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Build Custom
Blocks for WordPress

Use Lazy Blocks plugin to rapidly build custom blocks
without ever leaving your WordPress editor

Hero Section
Example of custom Hero block with title, gradient and buttons.
Heading Color
Pro Button Color
Separate multiple classes with spaces.

Start in1...2...3...

Building a custom block for the WordPress editor was never been easier. No React knowledge is required!

1. Configure Block

Give a name to your block, set icon, category, etc

2. Add Block Controls

Add control fields like simple text and complex image selectors

3. Write Block Output

Output code for your block using PHP and theme templates

Controls for Custom Blocks

Over 25 controls included for different attribute types to use in your advanced custom blocks.

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Available block controls

Made for Developers

Register block in PHP, create and extend custom controls and use blocks in your theme template files using intuitive API.

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Available block controls

Core Features

The complete list of all Lazy Blocks core features.

  • Custom Templates
    Create and assign custom templates with blocks to a different post types.
  • Custom Blocks Inside Your Theme
    Locate custom blocks registration and output code in your installed theme folder.
  • PHP and Handlebars
    Use simple HTML or advanced PHP output for custom blocks.
  • Save in Meta
    Saved block data will be available in post meta and you will be able to use it in your theme code.
  • Controls in Editor and Inspector
    Display your block controls in Inspector sidebar or in the editor content zone.
  • Restrictions for Certain Posts
    Restrict custom blocks for certain post types only.
  • WPML Support
    Lazy Blocks adds a new layer of compatibility for multilingual sites. All text controls are ready for translation.
  • Export Blocks to PHP/JSON
    Export block data to reuse it later on different sites or place it in your theme or plugin code.
  • PHP and JS Hooks
    Developer-friendly Actions and Filters for custom extensions.


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Use Lazy Blocks plugin to rapidly build custom blocks without ever leaving your WordPress editor.